Manual is beer

A leather and steel bottle opener designed to patina beautifully

The Manual Bar Blade is a leather and steel bottle opener designed to age beautifully. Inspired by the flat metal bottle openers found in the back pockets of bartenders all over the world—we wanted to create our take on the iconic bottle popper.

The Manual Bar Blade is created by wrapping a strip of Horween leather around a laser cut stainless steel opener. The leather is then handsewn through the steel via laser-cut holes. By bringing the warmth of leather to the utilitarian steel we created a designed object that feels great in the hand, adds an handsome accent to your bar, and—through frequent use—develops a patina, like a well-used leather wallet.

The Manual Bar Blade was completely manufactured within our home city of Chicago—from Horween leather, to laser cut metal, to hand-sewn stitching.

In addition to being completely Chicago made, we're also excited that the Bar Blade combines both ends of the manufacturing spectrum—computer-controlled cutting and artisanal hand craft. 

The Manual Bar Blade was funded on Kickstarter and is now available in the shop.

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