Introducing the Manual Cocktail Line


Bottles are for bars, decanters are for homes. 

Label designs on bottles sell liquor in stores and bars, but at home there’s simply no need to advertise. Decanting your spirits transforms your liquors from packaged good to home decor.

But decanters seem stuck in past—seen by many as a relic of the mid 20th century. However we think decanters are still relevant today—in the second golden age of cocktail culture.


A modern design for the classic decanter.

The Manual Decanter line is made from hand-blown frosted borosilicate glass, which shields your spirits from direct light exposure, and creates a stunning glow when the glass and spirit catches the light.

The corked closure of the decanter doubles as an integrated dosing jigger, which allows you to quickly measure a shot of spirits, intuitively create basic proportions for a casual cocktail, or even dose syrups and juices. 

As a set, the three subtly varying forms create a landscape of shapes on your cocktail tray or cart. Rounding out the line is a mixing glass and a set of cocktail glasses.

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