Manual is here.

I'm thrilled to finally unveil Manual, a new brand at the intersection of design and food from Craighton Berman Studio. Welcome.

Food has been a passion of mine for a long time, and—next to design—it's something I've always held with a lot of reverence, respect, and curiosity. From the farmer's market, to the restaurant, to cooking at home, I find food to be one of the most authentic experiences possible.

In its essence it's a simply the process of feeding yourself. Yet it's also a complex system of inter-related biological issues, global politics, and massive industries. But in between the science and the systems are an infinite array of nuanced and rich experiences of exploring, discovering, and creating.

Manual is the embodiment of the way I believe we should engage with what we eat—to slow down, respect ingredients, use our hands to make something, and enjoy the process. I want to create objects that celebrate rituals, reward labor, and create beautiful experiences out of every day actions.

The goal of Manual is to focus my passions for food and food culture to a philosophy from which I can design objects. Design that's authentic—that doesn't strive to create a false idealized lifestyle. Design that's understated—it doesn't scream for attention, and strives to age gracefully. Design that's interactive—it alters the experience between the user and the food in interesting and meaningful ways.

I think these are ideals that can spawn dozens and dozens of products, from the most basic staples to new forms that have yet to be defined, and I'm excited to head down this path of discovery. Hope you'll come along.