Introducing Manual Coffeemaker Nº3

The beauty of hand brewing coffee is all in the experience—the smells, the sounds, the movements—the ritual is essential

But manual coffee can sometimes come across as pretentious and complicated. Could we create a manual coffeemaker that was beautiful and experiential but also flexible, accessible, and more suited to sharing with the people you care about?

Today we're thrilled to present Coffeemaker Nº3.

Coffeemaker Nº3 takes a different approach to brewing.

Our original coffeemaker is all about precision and showmanship: a singular vision for a single cup brewer. Nº3 is much more laid back: it allows you to make a full pot of coffee in a few different ways, keeps it warm for a long time, and even after coffee time is over it lives on as a pitcher.

Here's how Nº3 differs from other manual coffeemakers on the market:


Large format

Brewing by the cup (or maybe two, at the max) is the focus for most manual brewers, but Nº3 allows you to make 40 ounces of hand-crafted coffee—enough for at least 4 mugs of coffee!



Most manual brewers are great at one brewing coffee with one technique, but Nº3 enables you to brew a pour-over, French press, ice brew, or even cold brew. Some days you have time to make a pour over, other days you just want the simplicity of a French press.


Fresh brewed coffee gets tepid very fast in most coffee carafes—but Nº3 keeps your fresh-brewed coffee hotter for longer with the double-walled glass construction. Even up to an hour later your coffee is warm—allowing you to brew a pot in the morning and still have it hot when your spouse or roommate decide to finally wake up.



Most of the pour over brewers on the market use expensive and obscure paper filters, but Nº3 uses inexpensive auto-drip filters, available at any grocery store—and possibly already in your cabinet.



After brewing coffee, most coffee makers sit idle the rest of the day. Nº3 can put to use as a double-walled pitcher—keeping your drinks cool and never forming condensation on the outside.

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