Making Iced Coffee on Manual

Summer may be winding down, but the heat is definitely still here in Chicago. Cool out until the Fall with some iced coffee made on your Manual Coffeemaker Nº1. This method retains more of the delicate flavor notes and brightness of the coffee, as opposed to the more "mellow" taste of cold brew.

Here's how we do it at Manual:

  1. Start by weighing out 40g of freshly roasted coffee, preferably something lightly roasted from East Africa or Central America.
  2. Essentially with this method we are brewing “double strength”—only half the water passes through the coffee, the rest of the water comes in the form of ice. Half of the final 520ml brew volume will be ice.
  3. Weigh out 260g of ice in the carafe. (Remember 1 ml = 1 g)
  4. Grind finer than usual—we are passing half the water through the full dose of coffee, but we don't want it to pass through too fast. For a v60 filter, grind medium-fine. For a Wave filter, grind fine.
  5. Slowly pour very hot water (just off the boil) onto the coffee. Use just enough water to "bloom" the coffee without dripping through. Blooming evenly saturates the grinds by allowing gasses to escape.
  6. Once the coffee has settled (about 30 seconds), slowly pour the rest of your very hot water.
  7. It should take around 3 minutes for all of the water to pass through. You may choose to add water slowly or in bursts to keep the water temperature stable.
  8. When the liquid volume hits 520ml, stop the pour, pull the filter, and enjoy.

We recommend you drink it black to fully experience the coffee—but cream and simple syrup are delicious, so we won't hold it against you if you add them. Just be sure to enjoy what you made.

Music by DJ C