MCM is Kickstarted!

The Manual Coffeemaker Nº1 Kickstarter campaign was 101% funded after a 30 day Kickstarter campaign to raise $100k!

A sincere THANK YOU to every single one of the 1101 project backers who pledged their support of this project. The tweets, posts, messages, encouragement, press connections, and personal messages to friends are what got MCM funded—Manual's Kickstarter backers are simply the best.

During the campaign we received an amazing deluge of press—including the Chicago Tribune (print and online), Fast Company Design, Uncrate, Epicurious, Dwell, and coffee industry insiders like Sprudge and Daily Coffee News. You can get a round up of all the stories at Craighton's blog.

In addition, we also received some great Twitter-love from some of our favorite coffee brands as well as a few other notable folks:

Now that the campaign is over, we're super excited for what's next. The Manual team is headed to China, where we'll be visiting the factories that will be manufacturing all the parts of MCM. They have already started producing parts, and meeting in-person will be a great chance to effectively provide feedback as well as develop the type of trust only gained through a personal relationship.

Moving forward, much of the production updates will be posted on Kickstarter as "backer-only" updates, however I will occasionally post updates on the Manual journal as well. You can also follow @manualgoods on Twitter or @manualgoods on Instagram to see some of the latest bits of news.

In the meantime, pre-orders are available from If you didn't get the chance to get in on the Kickstarter, you will be immediately next in line to receive your MCM this Fall. Click the link below, or check out for more info. Thanks for the support!