Manual is a design studio that creates products for celebrating food & drink.

In a world where mainstream culture pushes us towards the fastest food, miracle appliances, and technology that does the thinking for us, we have a divergent perspective. 

We think the effort of preparing food can be just as pleasurable as the actual meal. We think there's pride in making something yourself. We think there's joy in repetitive rituals. We think food is best when it's slow.


Manual is craft over convenience

Manual is ritual over routine

Manual is simplicity over novelty


The aim of Manual is to produce products that celebrate the aesthetic and experiential while always providing utility. Our products are first and foremost tools for food, but hope to express deeper meaning through thoughtful design.

Manual values utility—form follows interaction. Manual values understatement—design that humbly integrates with the home and strives to age gracefully. Manual values authenticity—creating honest design that is meant to be used, instead of being props for an idealized lifestyle.

Manual is a project directed by Craighton Berman—a designer who has work in the permanent collection of the Art Institute of Chicago and was the first designer to use Kickstarter to launch a product. Based on this background of high design mixed with DIY attitude, Manual is interested in producing products that combine the authorship of design with the spirit of slow food.

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Manual is using your hands