Manual is pour over coffee

Manual Coffeemaker Nº4 is a pour-over brewer that celebrates the ritual of handmade coffee.


Nº4 is a no-tech countertop appliance for making an excellent cup of pour over coffee—but it’s also a designed object that lives on your countertop, like a piece of modern sculpture for your kitchen.


Hot water and ground coffee come together in a circular rhythm—with manual brewing, your hand is what controls your brew.

To brew, a paper filter is simply dropped in the glass, ground coffee is added, and hot water is slowly poured through. Nº4 can be used with cone or wave filters, depending on your preference and gear.

Nº4 is the latest iteration of our signature coffeemaker—the defining design gesture of which has always been the hand-crafted sculptural borosilicate glass dome. Coffeemaker Nº4 brews into a glass carafe with measuring markings, which helps you ensure the right brew ratio. You can make as little coffee as a 8oz cup or as much as 20oz—enough to share.


With this latest version of the Manual Coffeemaker we are introducing ceramic bases. These plates anchor the glass dome, provide a home for the carafe, and catch any errant drips of coffee. For the anniversary edition of Nº4, we are offering plates in matte black, matte white, and stoneware.


In a world focused on speed and convenience, the act of preparing coffee manually is a chance to truly slow down and enjoy the moment. As you master manual brewing, the ritual of preparing coffee becomes just as pleasurable as drinking it. Manual Coffeemaker was designed to celebrate this ritual of daily craft.